Relearning to hand spin.

I’m not sure what did it.

I didn’t see anything particularly inspiring, I didn’t feel any guilt about the totes of lovingly combed and dyed fiber sitting in my chilly back hallway. In fact, I forgot I had most of it!

Perhaps you, dear reader, also live with ADHD and it’s its very expensive comorbidity: hobby cycling. For me, I never really get off the cycle, some hobbies just have a Jupiteresque orbit. Apparently spinning yarn on a drop spindle needed to marinate in my noodle for a decade or so.

As you might imagine, it started out a bit rough, but I was happy to see not nearly as rough as those early efforts that clearly weren’t pleasurable enough to hold my interest.

The ghost of lanolin scent that puffed out of the first bag I opened must have gotten a hold on me this time, because those old spirals of brushed fleece have tangled me in their web, pun very much intended.

Here’s a photographic record of my first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth go at the 1lb bag of Blue-Faced Leister fleece I must have picked up at Rhinebeck around 2007/8.

New special interest just dropped, watch this space!

#1, #2, and #3
#4 and #5
The 6th hank, I felt pretty good about this one!

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