About Me

I’m an artist, gardener, photographer and video content creator based out of the South Coast of Massachusetts, where I live with my youngest child, partner, and cats. I’ve been tending houseplants and gardening since 2010, knitting since 2003, and working as a professional photographer since 2011.

This blog, my YouTube channel, and my Instagram are dedicated to inspiring people to appreciate, and indulge in time spent with plants, in nature, making art, cooking, reading, and knitting. In a society that depends on exploiting more and more of a worker’s time, I believe that taking this time and these skills back for ourselves, producing for ourselves, is a vital act of defiance.

Nothing makes me happier than making something beautiful that didn’t exist before. On my Youtube channel Pam’s Pretty Plants you can follow me as I build a (now 3 year old) garden from the once-trashed lot beside my home. I also teach about maintaining a houseplant collection using my own of 130+ houseplants.

Here on the blog you will find my photography work, alongside gardening and slow living tutorials and essays. If you’d like to work or collaborate with me, please visit the contact page!

You can find me on Ravelry here.

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