A pair of socks that took 15 years to finish.

At least, according to my Ravelry project notes, I started this pair of Monkey Socks by Cookie A. in 2017. However I’m pretty sure that I actually cast these on during a 2009 Ravelry challenge, and only added the project page during a tidying session in 2017.

That first sock is a hot mess. It very much embodies who I was in 2009. Overstretched, a bit tortured, full of noticeable mistakes, but still colorful and somewhat functional.

The 2023 sock is tidy, fits like a glove, and there isn’t a color pool to be found. There are less noticeable mistakes. I’m really proud of the 2023 sock.

Elder sock on the left, newer on the right

Holding the two up to each other, and certainly while trying them on, it’s hard to imagine holding onto this lumpy, sad legacy sock. I thought it wouldn’t bother me to wear them, mismatched as they are.

I thought maybe I’d find it charming and special.

And perhaps it wouldn’t have bothered 2009 me, but I will tell you gentle reader, it bothers the shit out of 2023 me.

2009 sock sags with the memory of that girl, who settled for good enough, whatever checked the DONE box. I’m not picking on her, she did a great job getting from there to here…

But I will be frogging that 2009 sock, because I think that girl, and this one, deserve a matching pair of socks.

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