I'm an artist, gardener, photographer, and social media content creator on the beautiful South Coast of Massachusetts.


My blog, YouTube channel (Pam’s Pretty Plants), and Instagram are a love letter to these simple pleasures often left behind in a fast-paced world. I believe that reclaiming our creative time and skills is a vital act of defiance and an important first step to reuniting with the rhythm of nature.

Join me in my gardening journey, houseplant adventures (130+ and counting), and slow living exploration. Explore my photography, tutorials, and essays here, and if you’re interested in collaboration, please visit the contact page. Let’s connect on Ravelry and Goodreads as well!

I began my current garden, a formerly neglected and trash-speckled lot, in the late winter months of 2019. I’d been reading and dreaming about such a project for ten long years before I was ever able to put a shovel into soil, so my excitement was palpable. I was still grieving the loss of my brother earlier that year, and the one-two punch of the global pandemic sent me into the garden daily to sort out my fears and sadness with the flowers. I had no idea when I dug my first bed, a native flower patch, that the world was about to shut down and I’d be one of millions starting their first gardens in 2020. 

The unexpected community I found through my YouTube Channel, Pam’s Pretty Plants, carried me through those difficult times. Now when I stand in my flourishing garden, that I built with my hands and heart, I remember how resilient I and so many others are. When I see native birds and butterflies feast on the buffet I planted for them, I remember we can make beauty in the face of grief, fear, and uncertainty. I will spend the rest of my life trying to give this feeling of connection to nature and community to others.

Contact Me: pamelamgarnettATgmailDOTcom